Rejection (5 songs for 5 situations)

So I've been watching For The Love of Ray J and getting a kick out of every minute of it.  I can't believe that before he invites a girl to stay, he actually asks them.."are you here for the love of Ray J?"  As cheesy as it sounds, it is a uniform way for Ray J to accept people, but his rejections are all over the map.  Is there one good way to reject someone?  Ever since the adoption of caller ID, it has become easier to reject people discretely, but how do you do it directly without coming off as mean? It's damn near impossible.  Some of the meanest rejections I've had directed at me are as follows:

" college boys are so cute, but you're broke."

"Do you play for the Broncos too?  Oh...No? (girl walks away)." - she didn't know that I played for the Chargers

"You're really nice, handsome, and charming, but I don't date Americans."

Having been rejected in many different ways I feel totally in the clear for shelling out a fake phone number from time to time.  But, not just any fake phone number... THE REJECTION HOTLINE phone number.  I actually have the phone number memorized for times when someone is really just not reading the non-verbal NOs that I'm giving them (I've only had to use it twice back in 2004).  So there are two girls in San Francisco that are pretty much allowed to punch me if they see me again.  Check for your area number below cause you might need to use for the overbearing suitor (give one a call to hear the message).

To tie this to music, there are plenty of musical references to rejection that I've been researching for this posting.  I hope you enjoy the compilation that I put together for these five situations:

Track 1. Ladies - Someone had you, messed up and they're trying to get you back

Track 2. Fellas - You're out and your co-worker happens to be there and won't leave you alone

Track 3. Ladies - You're out and dude keeps trying to push up

Track 4. Both - You gave your number out and he/she sends text after text and leaves vmail after vmail

Track 5. Fellas - The lights came on in the club and you got a really good look at her... and it's not so good

I'm Not Feeling You Mix

Blogging has been keeping me out of the club so I don't have to be on the giving or receiving end of any more rejections.  :-)