Child Development

The first time I saw this, I thought of some people my own age that might not be able to read these cards. 

Kudos to this mom and the lil guy for the reminder that reading is fundamental. Lil man also has some mean dexterity when it comes to flipping through cards and rearranging them right-side-up! Being parents who both graduated from Stanford, we fully expect that our child will be in the right tail of the intelligence normal distribution, but this kid may be performing surgery by the time he’s in middle school.  

Raising a family in the San Francisco Bay Area there are definitely a lot of comparisons of children among parents. Whether it’s what college they got into, how many goals they scored in their travel soccer leagues, or even early child development (like when they started walking), parents love to assign self-attribution their their kids successes/milestones.  Though I can only aspire not get caught up in the child-accolades arms race, I do vow to pepper any children in our house with some real life teachings, Cliff Huxtable-style.

For now, I’m looking forward to enjoying my son’s milestones whether they are “on time” or a little behind.  To make things fun, I dropped a mix that I hope will inspire him to learn to count.  I hope my true music-heads can identify the songs and their significance (Shazam allowed).

                                             COUNT TO TEN MIX

We’ll follow this one up with multivariable calculus ;-)